We are currently work on the following features.

StakePoint Team -


Cloud release:

  • We are excited with the upcoming 2.0 release which will introduce our Cloud offering. End users will able to acquire optimised access to our Compute Engines, work on a fast local data set and replicate instantly with colleges and partners.

PDF support

  • PDF support will be revisited, with better-personalised scaling capacities making the whole process more straight forwards

Additional languages:

  • We still have some work to do to open up towards non-latin character sets. But we want to honour our Russian and Chinese friends ASAP.


  • There are still numerous bottlenecks to be addressed (fi: project suppressing).

Task colouring:

  • A long-standing request for colouring tasks.

Personalised columns

  • Personalised columns will be addressed, simple first with formulas later on.

Better Excel support.

  • Excel export is limited especially on AppleStore versions, there are ways to improve that.




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