Matrix type Breakdown Structures

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StakePoint introduces a matrix selector to browse the project portfolio. This feature allows you to make sub-selections both within the work breakdown structure of the portfolio as well as within organisation hierarchy. Using this unique feature, sub-selected tasks of different projects can be shown in the same view without clutter. Elaborating precise relations in between projects and managing the workload of resources over their assignments is easier and visible. The matrix selector is consistent throughout StakePoint and notably allows for making progress and workload curves for whatever combination of tasks and resources.

How does the matrix type breakdown Structure work?

On the upper left part (red) of the screen, we find the pre-selection panel for Project and subproject (group tasks).

On the left under part (blue) of the screen, we find the pre-selection of resource groups or resources.

On the workspace (green) de result of the pane selections is displayed.

However the tasks you will see are the result of both the WBS and OBS selection and limited to the following selection.

  • Projects and summary tasks are always shown.
  • Task with no assigned resources will be shown.
  • Task with it resources which are part of the selected resource hierarchy are shown. In the above case all tasks that have assignments from resources in the design office.
  • All other tasks will be hidden.

In the next example, we can see that that task “hayfield erychoric promordium” is show because Design Office holds a resource Thuy Kingerie which is assigned to this task. If we remove the assignment for the resource Thuy Kingerie the task will no longer be visible in the current selection.


Showing all tasks:

If you want to see all tasks no matter their assignments select the root of your organisation.


Integrated workload

Within the Gantt chart has the possibility to directly integrate the associated workload of the selected resources. In this case workload of Lexie Loughman is shown directly.

It is important to notice that workload shown here is the total workload of the specific selected resource. If Lexie Loughman is assigned to task not currently selected shown it is still her total workload that is indicated in this graph.





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