Grouping tasks

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Summary tasks are created using the increase indent and decrease indent buttons on the ribbon.

There is no limit on the number of levels of summary tasks you create.


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    Grouping tasks does not work on the 1.40 version build 17.04.0014.

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    Alexandra Vasseur

    I work on MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.5. I downloaded Stakepoint from the App Store just tonight and can't have it working properly: for instance, neither the delete button nor the decrease and increase indent buttons work. It's not clear to me how to relate together tasks and milestones on the same line in the Grantt chart. So I find myself with a long list of tasks and milestones that are not organized and I have difficulty to see the added value of the programme. Is there a problem using Stakepoint on Mac? Or is it the free version on the App Store that has not been updated? Thank you for your answer.

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